Memoirs of a Coast Guard Career


I am happy to report that my book, The View from the Rigging: Memoirs of a Coast Guard Career, has been named by the Military Writers Society of America as a Silver Award winner in the memoir category for the 2017 award season.  I started writing in earnest nearly six years ago, and a few years after that, I opened this site, when I finally had enough chapters, to generate pre-publishing interest. The chapter excerpts appeared as blog posts, which you can still see in the archives. They include many pictures that were not included in the book, so they still carry some interest.

It’s time to move into a new phase, and I hope many followers will stick with The View from the Rigging. I haven’t been posting blogs as regularly since my book was published, and it’s time to get back into the habit. I hope to share some of the lessons learned on my ride to publication. I hope you will share some of yours as well. My daughter, Kimberly, put the pressure on when she posted how proud she was that I published my first book at age 81. So…now I’m starting a novel, and I can tell you that is a new experience.

I’m pleased to say many who followed this blog also became book buyers. “Rigging” was published in both paperback and kindle versions in November 2016. You can order it on Amazon.

I welcome comments on my posts, and hope to hear from you.

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